EnergyFactory CO.,LTD. Overseas Business
EnergyFactory CO.,LTD.
Overseas Business

Energy Factory Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 to conduct energy business.
The Energy Factory is continuously growing by carrying out various businesses in the field of renewable energy.
Leading the alternative energy business, Energy Factory has been successfully building and operating solar power plants and
providing a better power generation system with thorough post management.

In addition, Energy Factory provides reliable power generation system by building high-quality module, inverter, structure, and program to
maximize system efficiency.

solar power plant in TEXAS USA

Interest in green energy worldwide is growing is growing everyday. And hw market is growing exponentially.
The biggest energy consumer, the United States, is the biggest consumer of solar power generation.
So, we established a corporation, which is R&S SolarEnergyInvestment LLC, for developing solar power plants in North America.


State ranking based on the amount of cumulative solar electric capacity installed (as of December 2015)


Number of Solar Jobs?

California 75.598
Massachusetts 15.095
Nevada 8.784
New York 8.250
New Jersey 7.071
Texas 7.030
Arizona 6.822
Florida 6.580
North Carolina 5.950
Colorado 4.998

Solar Capacity Per Capita

Nevada 429
Hawaii 394
California 338
Arizona 337
North Carolina 208
New Jersey 182
New Mexico 175
Vermont 171
Massachusetts 150
Colorado 99

Solar Capacity Installed in 2015(MW)

California 3,288
Arizona 1,180
New Jersey 417
North Carolina 288
Nevada 241
Massachusetts 234
Hawaii 231
Colorado 209
New York 207
Texas 181

Percentage of New Electrical Capacity from Solar

A 100%
Hawaii 100%
Massachusetts 100%
Massachusetts 100%
Montana 100%
Nebraska 100%
South Carolina 100%
Tennessee 100%
Washington 100%
Vermont 99%

Solar Power Traffic Sign USA

Our product apply advanced technologies and are environmentally friendly. Advancements such as optical fiber, LED modules, solar powered energy systems, and the ability to incorporate various sensoring technologies are combined with eye-catching design


specializes in using solar powered fiber opic sign board technology to provide a standalone luminescent traffic sign.

TST`s signs are controlled by a microprocessor
providing multiple sensing and communication options.


Excellent Luminescent Quality
– Effective light concentrated within the 60º angle of fiber cable means no glaring nor blurring
– Substantial contrast with surrounding environment and traditional signs
– Sign can be interpreted at twice the distance of traditional signs

High Durability / Stability
– Low power consumption with protection against over-voltage/over-current
– Internal LED socket and fiber optics block ultraviolet rays and moisture
– Bundled optical signals provide stable and continuous light transmission

Low Power Solar Operation
– 20W solar module with 4hr direct sun can provide enough charge on battery to run sign for ~3.5 days (based on standard stop sign)
– 40~50 pixels per LED g0.05W/hr per LED
– 1.35A / day of current draw (based on 15hr winter night operation)

Hassle-Free Maintenance
– Integrated configuration provides long term operation and minimal maintenance
– Inspection window for LED socket for ease of replacment
– Separate weatherproof enclosure for battery and controller for ease of inspection and testing

Trading for Solar Power Supply

EnergyFactory co., Ltd supply excellent and affordable products overseas to suppliers. Also we will continue to strive for more diverse suppliers to provide better products.

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